Howdy, I’m Pietro!
Freelance Art Director and Senior UI Designer based in Rome.

If you’re wondering what I do, you can flip through a portfolio of selected works, check out my Dribbble profile or rather give a look to my CV.

In addition to my job, I founded Creative Fighters, an association to create pro-bono advertising campaigns. One year ago we launched Solo in Cartolina, in support of NGOs involved in rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean.

I also published a font called Aldone after attending a course in Type Design at CFP Bauer in Milan, which is open-source so you can use it for free and enhance it further.

Talking about education, I held some workshops about UI Design, while I’m currently teaching as tutor of UI Design Master at Talent Garden Innovation School.

I love wandering in the world: in 2017 I embarked on a three months trip between United States and Australia, you can read thoughts written along the road and watch the pictures.

Another passion is photography. In 2016 I made an exhibition of polaroids and film pictures at Mono Bar in Milan, you can get a look at it and visit the online store to buy some gadgets.

Send me some kind words

If you want to get in touch for new projects, experiences, challenges to face or just talking about the two chief world systems, drop me an e-mail.